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An Indian teenager suffering kerala lottery .infofrom neurofibromatosis swallowed half of his face and it looks so scary!

"The people of Bengal want change. They expect the same development in Bengal as the work done by the BJP government under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. When there is a BJP government at the centre as well as the state, the 'double engine' government will bring tremendous development in Bengal," he added.

The case of the unclaimed EuroMillions jackpot has finally come to a close, as the unknown lottery player who won £76 million back in November of this year has finally been named after claiming his jackpot win six weeks after the draw. Andrew Clark, 51, is a self-employed builder from Lincolnshire, UK and didn’t realise he had actually bought the winning ticket. A nationwide search began in Britain for the person who didn’t know that they had won the 12th biggest lottery win ever in the UK. Finally, after a lot of persuasion from Mr Clark’s partner Trish, he found that he had the winning ticket stashed in his work van all along!

t, has the formula to correctly calculate the area under the line graph. All the changes and displays are very interesting.

A rare parasitic "fetus in the fetus" taken out of an Indian teenager! An Indian teenager went to the hospital for examination due to long-term stomach pain. After X-ray examination, it was found that there was a 5 kg "parasitic fetus" in his body. Surprisingly, this fetus not only has teeth, but even the hair and head are still growing, which makes him call it terrible. According to reports, Kumar, an 18-year-old boy in Allahabad, India, often felt stomach pain when he was young, with weight loss and frequent vomiting. A 5 kg foreign body, this unknown object not only grows a few teeth, but also a large rubbing hair and a stunted head. Kumar immediately underwent surgery to remove the foreign body and was told that the unknown object was a "fetus in the fetus" and had been growing in his body for 18 years. The doctor said that when a twin embryo develops, one embryo enters another embryo. Like a parasite, it relies on the malformed development of the host’s nutrients. From a medical point of view, the fetus is still alive and continues to absorb Kumar’s Nutritional growth. Kumar's physical condition improved after the operation, and his father said happily that the nightmare of many years was finally released! My son is finally healed! He is now able to return to school and live an ordinary life.

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