U.S. crude oil

U.S. crude oil

Newbies who are just getting involved in trading should pay attention to cultivating systematic trading thinking at the beginning, not counting temporary gains and losses, but striving for long-term stable overall income. To do this, you must learn to choose among many market opportunities, seize big opportunities and give up small oppU.S. crude oilortunities.

Al-Falih said the country is preparing to adjust its policy in June, but did not disclose how much it will increase production. Saudi Arabia has always been regarded as the de facto leader of OPEC, and OEPC member states will hold their next policy meeting in Vienna on June 22.

Maduro's approval rate in May has fallen to 20%. But it is almost certain that Maduro will start another term of up to six years. Venezuela's main source of export income may also be hit hard. The “Wall Street Journal” believes that Venezuela is currently facing two major risks: the seizure of creditors’ assets and US sanctions.

But Goldman Sachs believes that even if OPEC finally chooses to increase production, the prospects for crude oil are still worth looking forward to. Goldman Sachs said OPEC's announcement this week to increase production may be good news for the market. Goldman Sachs' latest global supply and demand balance continues to point to a reduction in inventories and a rise in crude oil in the second half of the year.

Let me talk about the mainland first. According to US officials, the US has implemented an exemption but can only import 60,000 barrels/day of Iranian oil within 80 days. It must also explain to the United States who the counterparty is and what the settlement method is. Judging from the previous imports of Iranian oil, the 60,000 barrels of the United States are not exempt at all.

After the cloth oil really rose to US$80, the market began to sound like oil prices of UU.S. crude oilS$00 one after another. Russia began to express different opinions. Putin said on Friday that the oil price level of slightly higher than $60 is a balanced price.

After Trump took office, he continued to release signals to withdraw from the Iran nuclear agreement. He previously stated that the White House will cooperate with Congress to deal with a number of serious flaws in the nuclear agreement signed by the international community on July 4, 205 with Iran. He refused to formally confirm Iran’s compliance with the Iran nuclear agreement to Congress, but at the same time, he did not discuss at the international level the issue of Iran’s compliance with the nuclear deal.

Russia finally released a signal that it might cooperate with the production cut. Combined with Ecuador and many other countries' support for the production cut, the crude oil bulls regained some confidence. Considering that the current oil price has fallen to a low level, analysts pointed out that the return of buying is expected to bring strong support to oil prices.