Real-time international crude oil prices

Real-time international crude oil prices

However, the spot market for crude oil shipping said that the price of spot crude oil has fallen sharply this year, mainly due to the slowdown in demand from refineries and the continuous increase iReal-time international crude oil pricesn European crude oil inventories. Data show that due to the backlog of ports, crude oil shipments from West Africa to Asia in April also hit a 4-month low.

In February 207, Maduro announced that the entire oil reserves of the Ayacucho block in the Orinoco heavy oil belt will be used as the material basis for the issuance of petrocoins. The oil field has more than 5 billion barrels of oil reserves, and its market value is more than $260 billion based on recent oil prices. According to the white paper issued by the Venezuelan government on the day of this year, the issuance of petrocoins is 100 million. Each petroleum coin uses barrels of crude oil as physical collateral. According to this, a petro currency is about $52.

The Indian rupee is expected to continue to face depreciation pressure, because during the rest of 208, the Federal Reserve raised interest rates further, India’s current account deficit continued to expand, and global investors took a negative attitude towards emerging market currencies and assets. IHS

Affected by the crisis of the Iran nuclear agreement and the continuous decline in Venezuelan output, the US WTI crude oil and Brent crude oil are expected to successfully close up this week. The market generally expects that if the United States restarts sanctions, Iran's crude oil supply will inevitably be greatly affected.

Analysts believe that if the United States withdraws or tears up the Iran nuclear agreement, it will trigger a chain reaction in the Middle East. The regional power Iran will face huge internal and external pressures and is likely to seek countermeasures to break the situation. However, as it is difficult to eliminate domestic social and economic risks, Iran may be restrained to prevent the situation from getting out of control and causing heavy financial burdens and security risks.

Recently, a car reviewer conducted a test on the two barrels of oil. The same model of car was used to fill up the fuel and drive the same route. As a result, Sinopec’s oil ran dozens of kilometers longer than that of PetroChina. But because Sinopec's oil is imported, after transportation, refining, etc., the price is a little more Real-time international crude oil pricesexpensive than PetroChina.