In what year did our crude oil price hit a record high of $147?

In what year did our crude oil price hit a record high of $147?

TomorIn what year did our crude oil price hit a record high of $147?row 24:00 will open this round of domestic refined oil price adjustment window, due to the recent sharp rise in international oil prices, this round of refined oil price adjustment may be a foregone conclusion. Analysts expect that after this, taking a private car with a fuel tank capacity of 50L as an example, a full tank of fuel will cost 8 yuan more.

Summary: The oil market stabilized on Friday, August. The United States will impose sanctions on Iranian oil exports and the reduction in Venezuelan oil production will support oil prices. However, concerns that the Sino-US trade war may intensify have suppressed oil prices.

The domestic refined oil price adjustment window opens at 24:00 today. This round of price adjustment is also the last round before the Spring Festival. It is generally expected to increase according to the mechanism. This indicates that the domestic refined oil price will increase in two consecutive periods before the Spring Festival and the travel cost during the Spring Festival will increase.

PetroChina officially took over Total in January and became the largest investor in Iran's South Pars natural gas project, accounting for 80% of the shares and owning the rights to the gas field. If it continues to take over, it will inject a lot of power into my country's natural gas. However, on February 2, a CNPC insider revealed that the company had stopped investing in the South Pars natural gas project. Although no specific reasons were disclosed, two days before the suspension of CNPC’s investment, Yantai Jereh Equipment Group Co., Ltd. was fined US$2.8 million for violating US sanctions against Iran.

According to the International Energy Agency, after the historical decline of 25% in the investment level of the crude oil industry, recovery began in 205 and 206, but there was no significant increase in 207 and remained basically the same, which made crude oil investment slightly insufficient. The latest data in 208 show that investment has grown slightly in recent years, which leaves a large gap in investment in the crude oil industry, which will bury hidden dangers for future crude oil production.

After the Islamic Revolution in 979, Iran fully restored its conservatIn what year did our crude oil price hit a record high of $147?ive religious rule and was fully Islamized. As an Islamic, Iran also regards the holy city of Jerusalem as its soul. Therefore, it is his mission to restore the Holy City. Therefore, it is very indignant for Israel's occupation of Jerusalem. Although not as radical as the Arabs, Iran is purely religious hatred of Israel.

Prior to this, Iran threatened to block the Strait of Hormuz, the throat of Middle East crude oil exports due to Trump's restart of sanctions. Analysts believe that if Europe fails to come up with a solution before the effective date of US sanctions against Iran on August 6, Iran’s response may not be mild.

OPEC will hold a meeting in Vienna on Thursday, but most analysts expect the organization's output will not change. OPEC could not agree to freeze production to support prices. A number of industry sources with knowledge of the industry said that Iraq will supply an additional 5 million barrels of crude oil to cooperative companies in June, following the example of other Middle Eastern oil-producing countries and increasing market share before OPEC's meeting this week.