U.S. crude oil trends over the past 25 years

U.S. crude oil trends over the past 25 years

At 24:00 on the 0th, the National Development and RU.S. crude oil trends over the past 25 yearseform Commission lowered the price of gasoline by RMB 540/ton and the price of diesel by RMB 520/ton, which translates into a price increase of RMB 0.44/liter for gasoline and RMB 0.45/liter for diesel. The drop in refined oil prices this time was the largest drop in the past four years.

Oversupply in the global oil market was the main reason for the sharp drop in oil prices. In 206, the excessively rapid supply expansion was curbed, and the U.S. shale oil production dropped significantly; the OPEC freeze production agreement was fruitless, and the increase in production regained market share. At the beginning of this year, international oil prices fell to a two-year low, and New York oil prices reached around US$26 per barrel.

When you are doing long orders, you are afraid of attracting more and you are afraid of false breakthroughs. When you are short orders, you are afraid of attracting air, which will cause opportunities to disappear from your eyes. Just like in our story about crossing the river, we just think about whether there are crocodiles in the river, whether there are any reefs in the river, whether there are undercurrents in the river, etc. A series of hypothetical difficulties. It is only when we have courage. Knowing that there is nothing in the river. I was late after crossing the river.

Summary: Iran’s Supreme Leader Khamenei said on the 2nd that he supports President Rouhani’s proposal that if Iran’s own oil exports are banned, Iran may block the straits of oil exports and the entire Middle East region’s crude oil exports will be threatened.

Oil prices fell sharply at first due to conflicting reports about Trump’s attitude towards the Iran nuclear agreement; but after Trump announced his withdrawal from the Iran nuclear agreement, international oil prices recovered some of their lost ground during the day, as traders bet that global crude oil supplies would suffer. Blow.

Since the souls U.S. crude oil trends over the past 25 yearsof OPEC and non-OPEC members are quite willing to increase crude oil production, it is only a matter of time before the supply of oil prices returns to normal levels. This means that the honeymoon period of oil will become a thing of the past in the future. According to the market’s idea of ​​buying expectations and selling facts, this expected shift has continued to ferment, and oil may return to a fair price.