Alaska crude oil prices

Alaska crude oil prices

According to the Wall Street Journal blog and Weibo, oil fields that play a central role in the prosperity of the US shale oil industry are hitting the upper limit of growth faster than expected. ThAlaska crude oil pricesis unexpected development will have a huge impact on the profits of the US energy industry and the global market. .

As of the 0th of the month, the crude oil change rate was 8%, and the refined oil price adjustment range reached 79 yuan/ton, and the red line of no adjustment would be made if it exceeded less than 50 yuan/ton, which means that the refined oil price adjustment window might increase slightly next Monday.

The second biggest winner is Qatar. The political dispute between the country and its Gulf oil-producing neighbors has not prevented its oil revenue from increasing by 55%. The United Arab Emirates ranked third, after the country had been delaying the fulfillment of its production cut promises until Saudi Arabia criticized the under-performing OPEC members in mid-207.

Emerging market countries benefited from the rebound in commodity prices, led by crude oil, and showed an overall upward trend, but the differentiation is still obvious. In the first quarter, the GDP growth rate remained stable at 8%, and the economy showed good resilience under the slackening of credit supply and the decline of fixed asset investment.

Why is the expansion of offshore crude oil inventories worrying? Because once the futures premium structure collapses and oil storage becomes unprofitable, these floating crude oils will flood the market on a large scale or cause oil prices to collapse again. Deutsche Bank analyst Hughes once studied this and found that when offshore crude oil inventories fell during 205 years, Brent crude oil basically fell.

At the beginning of this month, as Libya's production increased, oil prices began to fall sharply. Brent crude oil futures prices hit a monthly low of US$784 per barrel on July 6. Secondly, US officials hinted that the United States will grant some countries exemptions from Iranian oil sanctions, which has also increased downward pressure on oil prices. Third, the escalation oAlaska crude oil pricesf the Sino-US trade conflict has exacerbated concerns about the decline in oil demand. In addition, there are reports that the United States may release strategic oil reserves in response to rising oil prices.