EIA crude oil price

EIA crude oil price

Risk is to be aware of and recognize the existence of risks, and use the best method to reduce the risk of spot crude oil. Three don't do: don't do it when you are in a bad mood; EIA crude oil pricedon't do it when you don't understand the market; don't do it when you are in a bad state. Weak position: When trading, open positions based on the amount of funds in the account. The general principle is that the position does not exceed one-third of the amount of funds. It is strictly forbidden to make heavy positions, and it is strictly forbidden to make orders against the market! Strict stop loss: After placing an order, whether it is long or short, loss The range cannot exceed one point. Exceeding it means that the order is wrong. No matter how the market goes, stop loss must be considered! The more the number of transactions, the more stop loss should be set. The psychology of fluke is prohibited: fluke is a taboo for survival. If there is a fluke after a loss occurs, it may lead to more serious consequences. Therefore, after making a mistake, you must strictly stop the loss and do not take any chances! Non-retaliation ordering: The psychology of the gambler after losing is reversed, and investors must not have the same psychology of gambling as the gambler. The general principle is that the loss should not exceed twice a day. Once there are two losses, the state is not good and the possibility of continuous losses will increase. Therefore, retaliatory order placement may occur, and it must be strictly prohibited! Orders must not be placed without a plan: Before placing an order, a detailed plan must be made, including the direction of the order, the stop loss level, the target level, and beyond the judgment Post-response, capital use planning, risk control plan, etc., if there is no plan, it is strictly forbidden to place an order. Make a profit and loss record after each order and summarize experience. ; The correct method can be used repeatedly, the wrong method can be corrected in time, and the same mistake must not be repeated! Before placing an order, a comprehensive judgment must be made: the market will often be independent and reversible, and the news data and basic analysis cannot be completely trusted. Rely on technical indicators! Do not improvise trading, make orders based on feeling: improvised trading is random, goalless, and unplanned trading based on feeling. Although impromptu trading is very casual and free and easy, the probability of error is very high and the possibility of losing money is very high. In some cases, the market trend may be judged by feeling, but there is no successful person who is successful by feeling. Often relying too much on feeling to do the order, it will be unclear. Therefore, it feels unreliable to make an order, and every order must be justified!

Saudi Arabia is the largest stock market in the Middle East, with a market capitalization of more than US$400 billion. As Saudi regulators and exchanges have been improving market rules in the past two years to attract foreign investors and enter emerging market indexes, the Saudi stock market has become increasingly bullish. Prior to this, MSCI also announced that it will include the Saudi stock index in the MSCI Emerging Market Index in June 209, which will attract billions of dollars in investment from global fund managers for the Saudi stock market.

US WTI crude oil futures closed down US$07, or 89%, at US$68/barrel in the week of June 1st, with the highest test of US$667/barrel and the lowest test of US$68/barrel. Brent crude oil futures closed up 0.2 US dollars, or 0.42%, to 779 US dollars per barrel.

In the same week, US gasoline inventories increased by 900,000 barrels, which occurred before the US Memorial Day holiday, which usually marks the beginning of the summer driving season. According to data from the U.S. Energy Information Administration, the oil processed by the refinery dropped by 7,000 barrels per day to 660,000 barrels per day, a decrease of 8% over the same period last year.

It is reported that OPEC and non-OPEC oil producing countries will hold consultations on Saturday. In Russia’s view, too long a time limit for production may contribute to unacceptably high output growth in the United States. Russia plans to propose OPEC and other oil-producing countries participating in joint production cuts to increase production by 500,000 barrels per day.

In spot crude oil trading, we want to pursue a healthy investment model, and healthy investment models are nothing more than these two, one is a strong trading model, and the other is a long-lived trading model. When we see a muscular man, we think he is healthEIA crude oil pricey, and when we see a refreshing centenarian, we also think he is healthy. I think from the perspective of life characteristics, health can be strong or longevity. A strong trading model is a model that actively seeks to win, and is a model that actively strives to win. This kind of trading mode pursues quick, fierce and accurate shots, strong aggressiveness, sensitive entry, and sensitive exit, relying on energy advantage to win. For example, intraday short-term trading and small-segment overnight trading will enter the market when they see an opportunity. If they are wrong, they will leave immediately. If they are wrong, they will stay for a while. This trading mode requires vigorous energy, sensitive touch, and does not have to endure too much suffering. It is suitable for treacherous people, not suitable for quiet people. In fact, this trading model uses a small win into a big win. The long-lived trading model is a model that does not actively seek to win. In fact, it is a passive wait-to-win model. Although the shot is slow, the defense is very strong. Although not sensitive, it can seize the big while ignoring small opportunities. Opportunity, although in the short term it may be nothing, but in the long term it is lucrative, relying on the advantage of time to win. For example, the long-term trading based on fundamental analysis sees the price drop in half a year or even a year later. Now it starts to lay out slowly. It may sometimes get stuck, it may be considered that the position is too light, or it may be considered that it does not know how to adapt to changes. But when the trend market arrived, others came and did not enter the market. He was already there. When the trend market developed, others entered the market in a hurry. He had already made more profits. When the trend market was fierce, others rushed to enter the market. He may have quietly left the market. Up. This kind of trading mode requires logical analysis ability, opportunity recognition ability, advance layout ability, and the ability to control when you see it. It requires patience and strategy instead of bayonet arrogance. It is suitable for quiet people but not for trespassers. In fact, this trading model uses time for space.

Texas independent producer and chairman of the Patent Association, Langanek, said that if the U.S. oil and gas industry only needs to spend 8 to 9 billion US dollars a year on pipelines, it is a huge cost, which is obviously biased, because if Imposing tax increases leads to higher import costs, which will result in an additional 2 billion US dollars in costs each year.

It is not difficult to see that increasing the penetration of the United States in the global crude oil market is an additional product of the United States' suspension of Iranian crude oil. Zhang Tingting, a PhD from the International Energy Research Center of Jiaotong University, said that at a time when Iranian crude oil exports were frustrated and international crude oil demand was strong, low-cost US crude oil entered the field of view of crude oil demand countries.