US dollar US Department of Energy US crude oil inventories (September 8)

US dollar US Department of Energy US crude oil inventories (September 8)

Take the introduction of strategic investors in the Petrochemical Sichuan-East Gas Pipeline as an example. In 206, the total assets of the Petrochemical Sichuan-East Gas Pipeline were 9.6 billion US dollar US Department of Energy US crude oil inventories (September 8)yuan, the net assets were 500 million yuan, the net profit was 2.4 billion yuan, and the overall valuation was 45.6 billion yuan, which is equivalent to 9 times the price-earnings ratio.

And Saudi Arabia has announced the establishment of a nuclear power plant and has launched a uranium exploration program. Saudi Arabia once hoped to get the help of the United States to build a nuclear power plant, but recently stated that if it does not get the help of the United States, it will seek the help of other international partners, such as Russia and Russia.

According to OPEC statistics, in 207, Iran exported 802,000 barrels of crude oil a day on average, of which about 50% of crude oil was exported to the Asia-Pacific market, 26% of crude oil was exported to Europe, and about 7% were exported to North America.

If the United States gains energy hegemony in 2025, it is not good because most of its oil is imported. At that time, the United States is likely to develop double standards, pushing high oil prices abroad and low oil prices in the United States, which will cause serious losses.

To answer the above questions, we must first understand the formation mechanism of domestic refined oil prices. According to reports, domestic refined oil prices are usually determined based on crude oil prices in the international market, combined with average domestic processing costs, taxes, reasonable circulation costs, and appropriate profits. The new refined oil price formation mechanism takes 0 working days as the pricing cycle. When the international market oil price is higher than 0 US dollars per barrel, the highest retail price of domestic refined oil will not be raised or less; when it is lower than 40 US dollars, the highest retail price will not be reduced ; During this period, the domestic refined oil price mechanism is adjusted normally, and if it rises, it will rise and if it falls, it will drop.

Kemp said in a Reuters statement that the political logic behind Trump’s sanctions on Iran is that the United States helps Saudi Arabia restrict Iran’s oil revenues, and Saudi Arabia is responsible for ensuring production and stabilizing oil prices. This is also the main motivation for Trump's successive calls to increase Saudi production. However, after the reporter's murder, how TruUS dollar US Department of Energy US crude oil inventories (September 8)mp will treat Saudi Arabia is not yet known.

Xiao Jie said that the market’s early response to the OPEC Vienna meeting may have a negative impact on oil prices. At present, Saudi Arabia and Russia are basically determined to increase production to cover Iran's sanctioned share at the meeting. Oil prices have begun to adjust, and the adjustment rate is expected to be 5-0 US dollars. In addition, the good pattern of mismatch between supply and demand structure in September was broken, and the possibility of oil price correction is high.

Summary: On Tuesday, July, the UAE Minister of Energy stated that the UAE is ready to contribute to alleviating any possible shortage of crude oil supply. In the evening, the Saudi cabinet confirmed its readiness to use spare capacity to maintain a balanced and stable oil price.