U.S. proven reserves of crude oil and natural gas

U.S. proven reserves of crude oil and natural gas

At present, investors are paying close attention to the weekly report on US crude oil inventories. According to the median estimate of analysts surveyed by Bloomberg, US oil inventories are expected to decrease by 500,000 barrels last week, a twoU.S. proven reserves of crude oil and natural gas-week decline.

The trends of these three stages basically summarize all the intraday trends, forming a complete intraday price trend chart. Since the market is changing, the understanding of the three stages should not be viewed with a rigid perspective. Sometimes, the main force will adopt unconventional methods to operate, but through the three-stage identification, it will also be able to understand this change.

The impact of the arbitration was unexpectedly higher than expected. Exchange views. Although the recent Iran crisis has made the overall trend of oil prices strong, excessive oil prices will curb demand and accelerate the promotion of new energy conversion, which is detrimental to the long-term interests of oil-producing countries. How to balance immediate benefits and long-term benefits has also become a difficult problem for oil-producing countries to deal with.

The American Petroleum Institute API released a report on Wednesday May 0 that last week US crude oil inventories recorded an increase, refined oil inventories unexpectedly increased, and gasoline inventories decreased as expected. API announced that as of the week of May 25, US crude oil inventories increased by 0 million barrels to 4.9 billion barrels, and analysts expect a decrease of 770,000 barrels. Cushing crude oil inventories fell by 20,000 barrels.

The second point is to know how to let go when you make money. After the first stage of learning, investors have the profitability and skills in the crude oil market, but they may not be able to achieve stable profits. In fact, with the profitability and skills, it is difficult to say that it can be overturned in one month, but there is still hope for it in one year, but you need to have the idea of ​​letting go. Knowing how to let go is manifested in the following aspects.

Before the new round of sanctions againsU.S. proven reserves of crude oil and natural gast Iran by the United States came into effect, when the summer peak of oil consumption was approaching, oil prices suddenly turned around and dropped, which was astounding. In particular, Saudi Arabia and Russia suddenly proposed to increase production, and the two major oil powers joined forces to deal with the United States. What does it mean to the market?

Some analysts believe that after the oil price adjustment, the retail price of 92# gasoline in most parts of the country will be from yuan per liter to yuan per liter, and diesel will fall below 7 yuan per liter, and the discount rate will stabilize at 0.6 yuan per liter to 0.8 yuan per liter. Between every liter.

At the same time, the US dollar interest rate hike in June is basically a certainty, which will also boost the dollar in a short time. Since this week is a non-agricultural week, we need to pay attention to non-agricultural data. However, since the United States has basically achieved full employment, and rising inflation may lower real wages and negatively affect domestic demand, salary data and market participants The interpretation of this data will be particularly important.

In the early hours of this morning, Trump eventually tore up the Iran nuclear agreement, but the explosive version expected by the market did not appear to appear. This is mainly because the party involved in the incident, Iran, did not take drastic actions against Trump because of the actions of the United States. Announcing that the United States is withdrawing from the comprehensive agreement on the Iranian nuclear issue, Iranian President Rouhani made a speech on the evening of the 8th, saying that the US's actions showed that it ignored international commitments. He also stated that if Iran's interests are guaranteed, Iran will temporarily stay in the Iran nuclear agreement and continue to abide by the agreement. The editor here has a thought, is Iran's patience and humiliation part of Trump's plan?

When will the oil market oversupply be relieved? When will oil prices bottom out and rebound? These mysteries will also be revealed. The Bank of Japan’s interest rate decision will be announced next week, and the yen will continue to be under pressure against the US dollar due to the loose monetary policy. If the Bank of Japan maintains a loose monetary policy next week, it will inevitably support the dollar bulls, which will indirectly pressure oil prices and increase the probability of falling to 40 dollars.