International crude oil price per barrel

International crude oil price per barrel

According to a survey by Bank of America Merrill Lynch, the oil market has remained in short supply for a long time. In fact, because OPEC countries insisted on implementing the production reduction agreement and controlled the implementation rate of the production reduction to 52% by May this year, oil supply has been interrupted for four consecutive quarters. In 207 years, the average supply gaInternational crude oil price per barrelp was 40,000 barrels per day, and total oil inventories fell below the five-year average.

According to data from the Indian government, Iran is India's third largest oil supplier after Iraq and Saudi Arabia. In addition, India's purchase of oil from Iran is the most among other countries. Analysts have always believed that the Indian government is unlikely to follow US requirements.

API announced that as of the week of August, US crude oil inventories fell by 6 million barrels, and analysts expected a decrease of 70,000 barrels. Cushing crude oil inventories fell by 560,000 barrels. In addition, gasoline inventories increased by 0 million barrels last week, and analysts expect a decrease of 40,000 barrels. At the same time, refined oil inventories increased by 800,000 barrels last week, and analysts estimated a decrease of 0 million barrels. More data show that US crude oil imports fell by 80,000 barrels per day to 8 million barrels per day last week. After the release of the API data, there was little change in the trend after the two oil pans.

He said: If Trump cancels the Iran nuclear agreement-which seems very likely-oil prices will rise, thereby further benefiting Saudi Arabia. The Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia hopes that oil prices will reach more than US$00 per barrel to boost the sluggish economy.

The President of the Iranian National Assembly said that the US President’s withdrawal from the Iran nuclear agreement was a show. Such violations of international agreements will only isolate the United States. This decision poses a threat to international peace and stability. The only language the President of the United States can understand is force. Iran is not obliged to abide by the promises made in the Iran nuclear agreement.

Ren Baoxiang said: Since 207, the upward trend of crude oil has not been broken. This plunge is not a turnaround but a callback; the priInternational crude oil price per barrelce of $80/barrel is not the peak of the Brent oil price, but a small emotional and psychological resistance level.

If it is said that if you do not stop the loss, you will lose a lot of blood, then you will lose blood chronically if you fail to trade with the trend, leading to chronic death of traders. Therefore, even if there is no big loss order, but the accumulation of many small loss orders will also make the principal less and less. Therefore, you must trade with the trend and place orders in accordance with the general direction of the market.

On Thursday, May, at 4:0 Beijing time, the US API crude oil inventory was announced. The previous value decreased by 0 million barrels, the previous value of gasoline inventories increased by 980,000 barrels, and the previous value of refined oil inventories decreased by 0 million barrels. Crude oil inventories in the United States With the continued increase in the prospect of suppressing international oil prices, the performance of API inventory data will directly affect the future trend of oil prices. If the inventory decreases, it will be good for oil prices. Crude oil prices are expected to bottom out at $66, and the opposite is true.